My name is Filip Janiszewski I’m very happy you’re here, perhaps we share the same love for our work and for an healthy live style! That’s great!

Who Am I? I’m a software engineer, I work at Oracle on MySQL mostly in C/C++, formerly I was employed at Intel and Nokia, again my experience is mostly with C/C++ some LUA,Python,top secret technologies &c, I love programming and analyzing problems which is very luckily what I do on a daily basis!

Recently I found on the web some old book review I wrote when I was much younger, I reviewed that book 15 year ago! Oh boy, I’m so old! I began programming somewhere when I was 13 or 14, and from that day loved software engineering deeply till today.

In this blog I’m writing mostly about my sport experience –running,fitness &c– and about some programming puzzles that may have some educational value or are just plain funny, perhaps some book/tool review or whatever else come to my mind!

Enjoy your reading! 🙂

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