Days are too short..

Days are too short, would be nice to have some twelve hours more each day for being able to do all the things I’m attempting to do.

In the past few week I spent most of my free time working on my graphics engine, is a very funny exercise in programming and I must admit is quite a pleasure to work with OpenGL. Recently I’ve even downloaded Blender to start working on my own models, the models I’ve been using so far were downloaded from websites offering free stuff. Most of the time those free models are just click baits, an attempt to download something end up in waiting for the download to start and then some random page with ads popping up.

If you’re following my YouTube channel then you’ve probably seen that my engine is now able to load complex models and render them properly, I can perform basic manipulation to emulate movements in the three dimensional space. Also the lighting system is nice but there are some glitches to fix here and there. I’m seriously considering the option of buying a OpenGL programming book, my only worries is if I’ll have the time to work on it;

Before getting into a new book I probably should first complete the combinatorics book I got for my birthday but this will take still some time, I’m about one hundred page in the book now and it would go pretty quick but there are so many exercises that the progress are proceeding rather slow. From what I’ve seen so far, there is much more to learn from all the exercises than from the manuscript itself, from one side this is good since it helps to understand concepts by applying algorithms on real problems, but from the other side the overall reading experience is a little suffocated by the huge amount of time spent on exercises. I mean, there are literally like 20+ exercise for each paragraph, and frequently a paragraph is two or three page long.

Days are so short, since I’ve started taking boxing lessons two times a week the amount of free afternoons is reduce to almost zero. I sometime skip the gym to enjoy some other activities in the afternoon but that’s always come at the price of being sad on myself for not had been at the gym. Would be nice to have two or three more days every week, like days off the work just there for serving your purposes.

In the weekends I do most of my programming stuff not related with work, I mean, running my graphics engine project; eventually some other stuff related with programming. Weekends are definitely too short, and there’s also the burden of being asked to spent time with my Fiancee ( Hey Magda, you’re not reading my blog right? 🙂 ),weekends are a mess.. Perhaps I should make an attempt to wake up even earlier everyday, to complete my job related stuff faster and then have a longer afternoon for other projects, but this I believe is not a sustainable approach, at least not in the long run.

What about my blog? I have a lot of ideas for future posts, but not that much time to work on them, hopefully will post something interesting in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading!


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