Going Green!

I received a book for Christmas, the author is Marie-Monique Robin and the title is “Our Daily Poison..”.

This is perhaps the second book I read about the food business, the other one is “Salt Sugar and Fat” by Michael Moss, those books has strengthened my gut feeling that what we eat isn’t safe and that many industries put business reasons (money) always in front of people health, selling products contaminated by dangerous chemical compounds.

I already knew from the internet that the meat we buy at the shop is full of chemicals, that the cows, chickens, pigs &c barely resemble real animals when they’re treated with hormones, antibiotics and all that great stuff while living in a cage not even sufficient to let them develop muscles in the legs, in many cases an industrially treated chicken never learn how to walk, the legs are atrophied while the breast is overgrowing under the effect of chemicals.

After these books (in particular, the one from Marie-Monique) I kinda have a much more structured and overall view of how the food industry works, and that makes me nervous and worried. Now I know that my gut feeling the one that tells me that there’s something wrong in our food chain, was correct, and that I shall take care of my health by buying biological products and avoid industrial meat.

That’s incredible, the idea that the vegetables I buy in an ordinary shop are growing in an highly toxic environment is not letting me go, I wasn’t aware that there are such a big amount of chemical products used to grow crops, and much importantly I wasn’t aware about the impact of those products on the health of the population! (And most importantly, on my health!!!)

The mortality of illnesses like cancer is decreasing (mostly thanks to less smoker), but the incidence (amount of new cases over a certain population) is drastically increasing, there are researches that shows how this is correlated to the introduction of new chemicals (mostly pesticides) used with crops, and those chemicals are carcinogenic or endocrine disruptor! That being said, we do have more chances of surviving a cancer, but frequently at the price of mutilations or severe damages to our intellect which drastically reduce our life quality!.

A was also amazed to discover that products highly recommended back in the 30/40 or 50th as safe, were soon announced to be carcinogenic, see yourself at the DES for example. There are hundreds of examples of carcinogenic products released on the marked and then being retired when the amount of dead people were too big to be covered with money (buying silence, selling lies or financing fake scientific researches).

And the story repeats today, there are many chemicals we’re told are safe for humans and that can be used in our products or to grow crops, even if there are independent researches that shows those products are toxic for humans! Seems we have to wait 10, 20 or 30 years to seen them removed from our everyday life, there are too few deaths now!

But anyway, you really better have a look yourself at those books or even at some other books, I do not have the knowledge to lecture you about health, the topic is vast and there are many other things which I might want to write, but what I’ll do instead is tell you what are the actions I’ve decided to take after I’ve assimilated all those information’s!

I want to go vegetarian (Well actually I’m already, from this year 🙂 )! I want to reduce (to 0) the amount of industrial meat I eat, I’ll also want to go with biological food to avoid the huge amount of chemicals in the everyday products from the market. Not sure about the physical effect on me, but for sure this will make me feel better about what I buy or what I eat, the idea of getting that much chemicals into my body is frightening me..

That’s all, thanks for reading.

Ignorance is bliss”, stay away from books!!!


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