Coming back to normality.

The last two weeks were pretty unusual, Magda moved to my apartment in Gdansk because finally she found a job here. She had her first day at work last week, at the beginning going to work was problematic since she knew nobody at the office which could pick her up and the only way to reach the place was by train, now that she meet people she can go by car with others, you know, car sharing.

Waking up at 5:30AM, quick breakfast and to the station by car, back to home and a quick coffee before work, that’s was my morning schedule. In the afternoon I picked her up at the station and back to home, not much time to go to the gym and I had sleepy days because of the forced early morning wake ups.

My apartment is too small for two people, we have a lot of trouble settling all the stuff Magda toke with her from Wroclaw, we have a real space issue here! I’m really thinking about moving to a wider place, I’ll wait for the end of Magda’s trial period at work before taking any concrete step.

Perhaps we should stay here to say money in order to buy a piece of land, yep, that’s actually a real plan going on, I had a look at some very nice places where I may build a house sooner or later, probably a good occasion will trigger the action and I’ll buy some land.

Well, clearly this is a long time plan since building a house is pretty expensive, the idea is to buy now the land then go abroad to work out the money for the house, we’ll see, perhaps we can collect the money by working as gardeners for my Mom, gardeners are really expensive… really…

Anyway here in Gdansk the situation is pretty much stabilized, we wake up at 6:30 and she go by car, and I’m at the office at the usual time, 7:30AM.

This was a lazy weekend, because of the Resurrection Day we had guests at home, so most of my time was divided between cooking and selecting which place to visit in the city, Paolina –Magda’s cousin– came for the holiday. We drunk some good Italian wine I bought in Rome, I made a good Carbonara and some Tiramisù.

I hope to be back writing usual content for this blog from this week.

Thanks for reading!


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