Ain’t I’m tired, I’m exhausted!

I wasn’t programming very much in the recent period, I’m still deep involved in my combinatorics book and in a couple of papers on the Ramsey Theory, additionality in the evening before I go to bed –or when I’m in the bed– I spent few time on my new book on text algorithms.

Sometime I ask myself for what reason I’m spending so much time on those topics, I didn’t met a single person which was in any extent using those knowledge at work,but at least I need it to solve some programming riddles on the web, but from this perspective, I still have a lot to learn!

Anyway, most of the remaining time I do runs or go to the gym, eventually I cook my food or do other house cleaning activities. Yesterday I had a seven kilometers training, Sunday eleventh and half kilometer and tomorrow I will probably go for another run, if I’ll be able to do any movement after today leg training!

I need to speed up for the upcoming half-marathon in Warszaw, I do not feel ready and I have only two months to train for the event. I have come condition issue which I’m trying to solve by running more frequently –most of the time, sadly, indoor-, but must importantly I have some technical issue: I believe my running posture is not correct, I feel discomfort after the ten kilometers mark.

For this reason I planned some more technical sessions, where the distance is not relevant but the technique is, I found some material on the internet and I’m willing to check if I may be a coach for myself, you know, fixing the mistake I made while running by applying what I learned the day before on Youtube.

Yesterday I was trying to apply correctly the pose running method, I felt clumsy from time to time and probably I’m doing something wrong, I need to work on this. I read about a set of exercises that may help to improve and I need to figure out where I can get the time to try them, here in Poland after work I have about one hour of sunlight, not very much time to pack myself and drive to a place suitable for a training.

I need to lose weight as well, I was bulking in the recent months and my ninety kilograms are a pretty heavy burden to carry when running, but this was the plan, to make some mass and the drop to eighty five perhaps eighty four kilograms. That means of course that I need to keep a clean diet, which is not very easy if you do not have a backup from your relatives.

But that’s a common pattern, most people do not care or care too less about the goal one may want to reach, or just do not understand what you’re trying to do and they will not fix any of your fault whatsoever. There’s nothing wrong with that, everybody has its own way to live and tends to apply its own schemes to everybody. But you know, sometime I would like to be the one which is pushed instead of being always the one which push, sometime I would like to be the one to be scolded for eating junk food or for skipping a training..

Anyway, I’m a little tired in the recent period and probably will need to have a little rest very soon.

Thanks God at work I can relax a bit, yeah that’s actually funny, but the idea of not having to solve problems or to train or cook &c, is from time to time relaxing!. My daily tasks are so banal that is almost awkward what is going on here. I feel completely out of place, using probably one tenth of my skills, which is of course frustrating and hurt my overall motivation.

Well, I’m not trying to sell the story that I’m a programming genius, this is bullshit. What I’m saying is that overall I consider myself a good software engineer, with some qualities here and there, qualities which I can tell after working for two big IT corporations are not very popular. But, this is a story for a different post.

Anyway, this weekend I’m going to Magda parents in Zielona Gora, I’m planning to have a training in the forest near the city, perhaps a little party in the evening –Maybe some dancing, even tough Magda do not share my passion for electronic music– and a long sleep the next Sunday. Will try to resist the food flooding and stick on my diet plan, who knows if i will succeed 🙂

Before closing this point I want so share another fresh news, the wedding –the third– of my mom is confirmed, we’re flying to Rome in March for the event, this time her man looks cool so we all have good hopes that this marriage will last.

I really cant wait to have a good Carbonara and a glass of good red wine!

Thank you for reading!




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