A long weekend!

Crostata fatta in casa.

Hi all,

This was a very long weekend, some friends along with my brother and cousin came to my house in Gdansk for my birthday, we had a party –or two– and we went out to the city. We had a great time and I’m very happy!

I didn’t expect it to be someone in the weekend, Magda arranged a surprise and organized the whole event, I was having a nap on Friday afternoon when boom, the door bell rang and surprise!

Saturday I made a cake for Magda and my guest, is a pretty simple one but very tasty, if you want the recipe have a look here and since it was my birthday I received a gift, and what a great gift! I got a pair of Salomon Sense Pro! OMG! But this wasn’t the only gift I got, Magda bought me a nice and comfortable running tee, can’t wait to use it!

Salomon Sense Pro, still untouched like a virgin!

I must admit I didn’t get the opportunity to test them on the terrain, the weekend was busy and during the week the sun is going down before I’m home after work, and running in the forest without lights is not very safe. Most probably I will try a run indoor since I’m not sure I’ll be patient enough to wait for the next weekend.

What I may say now is all about the tactile experience of wearing it at home and how they look, and they look great!

Now, the Salomon sense pro are trail running shoes –Salomon calls them city trail shoes– which makes them a little heavier – < 300 grams– than they non trail shoes, the construction is also designed to be resistant to the kind of shocks one must face when running on a trails, but as Salomon claims they are good to go also on “asphalt”.

They looks amazing!

For a full review you may have a look here, what I want to write about are just my first personal impressions. They are very nice, they feel extremely well made and the material looks and feels of the highest quality.

The outsole is robust and shielded from small rocks and the cushioning seems great as well, before providing further comments I need to have a couple of runs on them, for now enjoy the photos 🙂

The outsole is designed to perform great even on challenging terrains.

Can’t wait to have a run!

Thanks for reading.

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