Working out!

I like leg day, is the hardest workout in my schedule but is also the one which gave me the most satisfaction! Today was leg day, and I’m destroyed!

After the workout I jumped on the scale to check my weight, and looks like I’m still 1.45kg short. I should reach 90Kg before start a reduction phase till 85/84kg, hoping that under that fat skin would also emerge some quality muscle, I don’t have big ambitions, just a decent silhouette.

But let’s recap how it was with my leg workout! I normally start with a 15 minutes run to warm up a little, after that I begin to train calves, normally tree exercises: Standing calf raises, seated calf raise and donkey calf raise. In general calves should be trained on a separate days than the rest of the lower body part, perhaps in combination with the hamstrings, but I don’t have time to reserve to another training day.

After calves normally I do squats, leg press, hack squat and leg extension –eventually some lunges-. I must admit today was tough, a guy was sharing the Hack Squat with me and gave me an high tempo with a bad ass weight, I was after squats and with the quads already exhausted.

Doing squat is sometime funny, today at a certain point I was almost ready to take out my phone and record a video of a dude which loaded the bar with 120+kg, and then squatted almost 10 centimeters for 4/5 times. Not only exercising this way is useless and hilarious for the fellas with you, but also dangerous. Never mind.

At the very end I train hamstrings, normally a couple of exercises: Leg curls and seated leg curls, or eventually the Romanian deadlift. A lot of stuff for one day, the whole workout takes me no less than two hours. But neglecting legs is a bad mistake, the pain is worth!

My running sessions are limited those days by the continuous snowing which doesn’t allow me to run safely outdoor, I do some small training indoor at the gym but is very hard, I hate running indoor, no air –and the air available stink, or worst is conditioned-, unnatural surface and after 10 minutes I’m sweating like shit. No no no, not for me..

The problem is not the snow itself, by my gears!

Outsole of my outdoor shoes, almost no grip at all unless ideal soil condition.

As you can see, my shoes are almost entirely consumed and is easy to slip and fall.. Better be save and run indoor till I’ll get new gears.

Thanks for reading!

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