Reykjavík Hálfmaraþon and sport watches!

Hello everybody!

We’re in! We’re flying to Iceland next august to run the Reykjavik half marathon, once there we wish to stay long enough to experience the beauty of the island, but the main purpose of the trip is the run!

We’re going to make some serious planning from today till august in order to be psychologically prepared and in good physical condition for the run, people keep telling that no real preparation is needed to run that distance, and that’s probably true, but our ambition is to complete the race with a decent time, and we started practicing this sport not long ago!

Before Iceland our plan is to run one more half marathon in Wroclaw or perhaps in Warszaw, with less ambitious plan to just complete the run with whatever time, for training purpose let’s say.

We don’t have much time to prepare, running 10 kilometers as today is still a kind of a tough experience, we need really to train this think hard! For sure I need to lose weight, in the past months I was bulking at the gym and having a pretty caloric diet, now I’m 88kg for 190cm, would like to hit 90kg before starting to reduce the calories income.

That’s all about fun anyway, is going to be a great experience and a very reinvigorating holiday!

Ah, I’m thinking to buy a sport watch, you know to track my progress, times, &c. I’m not talking about stuff like the appleWatch –For a while I was thinking about buying it-, which is a nice piece of costume jewelry but a completely useless sport watch:

  • Operating range temperature 0-35 Celsius. Sorry but WTF? No skiing? No winter sport?
  • Not water proof. This makes the device almost useless.
  • You need to carry you iPhone all the time if you want the GPS functionality. That’s great, especially when you’re running during the summer without pockets large enough to store the phone in your running shorts. Ops, i forgot that iPhone shouldn’t be used during the summer.
  • No compass, barometer and altimeter.
  • &c.

And most importantly, once you have on your wrist such a nice trinkets you better play safe and avoid any contact with hard surfaces to avoid damages. But, appleWatch is designed to be used to do casual sport, so I cannot expect something more.

My dream is to buy the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire, leather edition! It has everything that you may ever dream from a sport watch! All in one pretty looking device, I mean, is so nice that one may pretty well use it everyday! But, is very expensive so I need to find a good excuse to justify that 600$.

Anybody with a Fenix 3 out there?


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