The deer on the road.

Hi all,

Today I was expecting a completely boring day, is holiday in Poland so we are free of work. The only event worth noting was my training and my plan to struggle on some programming problems in the evening.

In the early morning out of my windows there was a shy sun in the sky, like a perfect day to run on the beach so i moved on, unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good anymore when I reached the place, fog, snow and a very low temperature.

People fishing on the frozen lake, or maybe just sitting there and just waiting for something to happen…

The lake I must cross to reach the forest and the beach was completely frozen, the ice was tick enough for people to walk in the middle of if for fishing purpose, or at least this is what I think they were doing. I spot some kids either just having fun on the ice much closer to the shore.

Next time I plan to take Magda and a much adequate gear –like a jacket!– to take a walk on the lake.

On my way to the beach I found a deer in the middle of the road, which was just hit by a car. The accident happen just few second before I was there since the guy who hit the deer was in the car on the side of the road about one hundred meter away from the place where the accident occurred.

I stopped the car on the side of the road to check the deer, and that guy then came out as well. He told me that the animal jumped out of the bushes and he wasn’t able to break in time to avoid the accident, he hit him badly.

At the beginning I though the animal had a broken leg since he was lying and not running away because of our presence, in fact he was bleeding from the right side and from the mouth, I’m not an expert but I put the situation simple, the animal must be moved out of the street at first in order to avoid further accident.

With the help of that guy I moved the deer out of the road, the blood on the asphalt was now vividly coloring the grey and dark street, during the process the animal start moving by itself and reached some small bushes in the early forest near the road.

At this point i toke the picture and decided to call a veterinary or at least the local police to get some advice on what to do, but, the deer decided that his legs are ok and toke is way in the forest, jumping and running as hell. That’s good, at least the legs are ok. Hope will be fine.

After the deer experience I saved on my phone a couple of emergency numbers which Magda found for me, I may call them in case of situations like this, just in case.

Anyway. Was very cold, my finger were freezing even with the gloves and the first 15 minutes of the training were a real pain, but hereafter the run was ok, you don’t really feel anymore your finger or you nose 🙂 The forest smell very good in this period, I like it!

On the beach the foreshore was completely frozen and was not possible to run on it so I was forced to run over the much softer –and not very stable– sand in the middle of the beach, I must admit I fatigued a lot on that beach today!.

Spiaggia gelata 2
At a certain point the beach get very large and there’s plenty of space for running.


I made 10km –6,2 miles-, considering the weather and the almost impracticable beach is a good distance, next time I would like to hit the 15km mark, hopefully this weekend. I’m going to Magda’s family place this weekend, so not sure if it will be possible to do any run at all anyway.

Today I decided that I need a new pair of outdoor shoes, my reebok are not good anymore, the outsole is almost completely smooth and is not gripping anymore to the soil as it should be, and as Magda learned in our last training –she slipped and hit the ground!-, better to avoid unplanned butt contact with the terrain!

Thanks for reading!


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