The benefits of SSH

Nowadays people have access to the internet almost from everywhere at every time, and Internet is going to be even more accessible in the near future thanks to brilliant ideas like flying drone with WiFi AC functionlities which are going to allow people from more and more remote areas of the planet to access facebook or youtube…

What does this mean from my perspective is that I’m able to access my workstation from everywhere, all that I need is an internet connection and a SSH client! I have all my tools and everything always ready under my finger 🙂

I normally use SSH to access my home workstation in order to do work when I’m not at home and I dont have access to my office laptop, this come’s very handy since I may use Magda’s –My fiancee– computer for example withtout installing tools, editors &c.

I may also access my computer using my Phone in order to perform  some activities, unfortunately accessing a remote shell via phone is not actually a comfortable way of working, but is absence of any other options this is duable and works pretty well!

Here are some screenshots from my iPhone SSH client:


Sadly I’m using a free version of the tool which force on the phone small display an advertisement banner, I should buy a license sooner or later –for 4 euro-.

Of course Git, g++ &c are available as well:

As you can see the virtual keyboard use half of the display, a small price to pay for the benefit of having a powerfull shell in your phone!

The user experience may be enhanced using a tablet, but I don’t have a tablet since unfortunately I wasnt able to find a valid use case for this gadget in order to justify the expense.

SSH is cool, the only thing you should pay attention are the security threats of having the –a SSH port– SSH port always open, but this is not a big deal if you know what to do.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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