Vim must have plugins!


Today I want to write a chill post about Vim, and why one should install a couple of plugins which I consider must have.

Most of the available plugins for Vim works both on Linux and Mac, and if you’re the third gender then I may assure you that even on Windows  this cool stuff should work without problems!

If you’re not familiar with most of the cool Vim plugins then better have a look at vimawesome.

Well, I use mostly Vim for development purpose, so the plugins I have on my machine are mainly directed to help me working better on the code, on multiple buffers or tabs &c. So, this is my list:

  • Vundle or Pathogen: Those are tools designed to aim you in your plugin management, this will speed up a lot the process of installing most of the Vim plugin, pick the one you like most, both are cool, I personally use Vundle –which is basically an extended Pathogen
  • NerdTree: Allows you to browse your your code navigating in the directory tree, very usefull and very popular plugin.
  • Airline: Very nice and usefull plugin which will add to your Vim GUI a status bar with some information about the currently edited file, additionally each buffer opened in Vim will be visible in the status bar.
  • YouCompleteMe: I know people which pay hundreds of euro to have what you may have for free with Vim and this plugin! This is basically a  pretty clever and fast code completion plugin and the runtime included in the package allows Vim to check for errors –from syntax error to signed-unsigned conversion &c– while typing, the underlying language rules are those from clang.
  • CTags: Allow you to navigate the code using the tag references created by this plugin, very powerfull!
  • Tagbar: Once you have created the list of tags, using this plugin you may at any time open a buffer and have a look at the structure of what was generated.

I think this is the list of initial plugin that I will suggest to install in your vim environment, for sure many other may be listed here but still this is my basic list.

Happy coding! 🙂





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