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  • Slippers

    We all have our weak sides, areas of knowledge that are way too far from an acceptable level. What is an acceptable level then, is all a matter of what you do and what’s the purpose of your knowledge. Changing job or project is going to greatly influence what will be your skill set in […]

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  • Corporate people!

    I’ve been in the IT industry since a while and since much longer I hang out with IT people. I now have a certain idea about what kind of people populate the cubicles of our lovely corporations! Understanding who is what is crucial in order to be sure that each and everybody is placed in the […]

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  • Working out!

    I like leg day, is the hardest workout in my schedule but is also the one which gave me the most satisfaction! Today was leg day, and I’m destroyed! After the workout I jumped on the scale to check my weight, and looks like I’m still 1.45kg short. I should reach 90Kg before start a reduction phase […]