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  • Is there anybody here?

    Hi everybody, long time has gone from my last post! I had a lot of work and extra work, big things are going on and I really had to focus on my work. Also, you might have noticed that I haven’t made big changes in my graphics engine as well, hopefully in late September (when […]

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  • Writing about stuff…

    Today I decided to take a day off, no programming, no studying, no sport.. Just reading, perhaps a walk out to the city and finally a post on my blog. For many of my readers –yep, there are real people visiting my blog on a daily basis!!– this might not be the most interesting type […]

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  • Days are too short..

    Days are too short, would be nice to have some twelve hours more each day for being able to do all the things I’m attempting to do. In the past few week I spent most of my free time working on my graphics engine, is a very funny exercise in programming and I must admit is […]

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  • End of the year.

    Also this year is over, like the one before and presumably the next one. I’m rather not very satisfied about this 2016, have been planning many things but just very little has changed, most of the things remained the same with just some variation on the theme. The only good news from this 2016 is that […]

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  • Slippers

    We all have our weak sides, areas of knowledge that are way too far from an acceptable level. What is an acceptable level then, is all a matter of what you do and what’s the purpose of your knowledge. Changing job or project is going to greatly influence what will be your skill set in […]

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  • Lulu

    Sometime you really want a book, but you cannot find the damn book anywhere! This is the case of Competitive Programming 3, which friends of mine referred to me many times, so I decide to give him a try. First place where normally I look for books is A., but no luck there. Then I […]

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  • Coming back to normality.

    The last two weeks were pretty unusual, Magda moved to my apartment in Gdansk because finally she found a job here. She had her first day at work last week, at the beginning going to work was problematic since she knew nobody at the office which could pick her up and the only way to reach […]