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  • Coming back to normality.

    The last two weeks were pretty unusual, Magda moved to my apartment in Gdansk because finally she found a job here. She had her first day at work last week, at the beginning going to work was problematic since she knew nobody at the office which could pick her up and the only way to reach […]

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  • Short summary of our holiday.

    I’m back in Poland, with a bag full of wine, cheese and a good quantity of prosciutto! Watching out of my office window the first thought running in my mind is “How the hell can I live in a place so cold?!?”, from +20 to -2, from running under the sun in Santa Severa to walking to my […]

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  • Summary for the week.

    This was a very long week! Most of my free time I was at the gym or on my combinatorics book learning fancy details about the pigeonhole principle, which is very simple but with large implications in problem solving. The pigeonhole principle basically say that if you want to put three pigeon in two holes, […]

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  • The real keyboard.

    Back in the days, when computer were used by real computer users and nobody knew what a mouse is, the preferred input device was also the only input device: The Keyboard! When the hipster revolution began back in the seventies/eighties, the proliferation  of the mouse users increased dramatically, the keyboard was still the preferred computer input […]

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  • Corporate people!

    I’ve been in the IT industry since a while and since much longer I hang out with IT people. I now have a certain idea about what kind of people populate the cubicles of our lovely corporations! Understanding who is what is crucial in order to be sure that each and everybody is placed in the […]

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  • iPhone battery problem!

    Hi all! Today I had a training on the frozen beach of the Baltic sea, looks like that if you survive the uncomfortable feeling of having an almost frozen nose, then running at -18 degree Celsius is not so bad at all. However Magda had some problem with her running pants which are not insulating very well from […]

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  • L’ora dei conti.

    Alla fine come ogni anno è arrivato il momento di fare i conti, cosa sono riuscito a fare di interessante quest’anno? A dire il vero di successi eclatanti non ce ne sono stati, direi che il 2015 è stato più che altro un anno di transizione, conto però di riuscire a fare dei cambiamenti importanti nel 2016. […]

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  • Count the regions!

    Hi All! There’s always a plenty of things to do in this period, everybody is for some reason excited with the upcoming end of the year as if that date on that particular calendar had any meaning at all. Additionally I’m at work instead of lazing as most of the people. Anyway, I got a […]

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  • The benefits of SSH

    Nowadays people have access to the internet almost from everywhere at every time, and Internet is going to be even more accessible in the near future thanks to brilliant ideas like flying drone with WiFi AC functionlities which are going to allow people from more and more remote areas of the planet to access facebook or […]