Is there anybody here?

Hi everybody,

long time has gone from my last post! I had a lot of work and extra work, big things are going on and I really had to focus on my work. Also, you might have noticed that I haven’t made big changes in my graphics engine as well, hopefully in late September (when there will be no reason to go out and do any other stuff than working, too cold) I’ll be able to be back to my usual working schedule and start again the development of the engine and most importantly, start again writing interesting posts..

I’m writing from Magda family home in Zielona Gora, tomorrow we’re going to Berlin to take our plane for our holiday destination. Finally some rest, I mean, I’ll take my laptop and probably do some work here and there, but the masterplan is to relax a bit, I’ll post some pictures from our holiday trip in the upcoming weeks.. maybe.. Anyway, we’re flying to the Canary islands, we found a nice place to stay not far away from the beach (few minutes by foot), maybe we will meet some nice people in the hotel, people without kids! Yep, our place discourage people with kids from reserving rooms, that’s a great thing, I can’t see how possibly one can chill with annoying kids hanging (and screaming!) around.

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t hate kinds or something like that.. But, they’re just annoying! Anyway, better avoid thinking about kids for now and just focus on how to have some quality time! We had this plan of taking a three days diving course on the island, but after some thinking we have decided that probably some offshore snorkeling and a couple of guided dives are enough, we do not need to take the PADI certification, that require class sessions and tests…. we don’t want tests during our holiday time! We don’t have many other plans, maybe some kitesurfing or stuff like that.

The most important thing is that there’ll be a lot of sun! In Poland the summer is a total shit, rainy and cold! I’m not kidding here, 15/20 degree is what you might expect as normal temperature in August!. I like Gdansk as a place to live in general, fresh air etc.. But there is no summer here, this year we were able to take sunbaths at the beach maybe three times, three fucking days of sun at the beach! I need to think if I want to move back to Wroclaw where the temperatures are on average higher, but there’s no sea.. We will see, those are decisions we’re going to take next year anyway.

Well, what else can I write here, everybody enjoy your summer time and see you soon!

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