End of the year.

Also this year is over, like the one before and presumably the next one.

I’m rather not very satisfied about this 2016, have been planning many things but just very little has changed, most of the things remained the same with just some variation on the theme. The only good news from this 2016 is that I spent many time in self development, working on areas which I believed I need to improve. And that is always a good news. I recently got a couple of books on number theory, algebra and analysis which I want to read in the upcoming weeks, you know how it is, the brain have this stupid attitude of forgetting stuff if you do not refresh your memory from time to time.

In January I want also to put my hands on a new combinatorics book (Yes, if *someone* want to buy it, I would be very happy to have this for my birthday. Ah, I need a new scientific calculator as well, better if programmable* 🙂 ), this is a topic I like very much and will bring me some fun (or frustration) in those winter evenings, in general those things sometime come handy in my profession, maybe not in my current job but who knows in the future.

I plan also to get a new book on operating system design (see my wishlist, again my birthday is coming!), the last one I read was fifteen years ago and perhaps things are changed in the meanwhile, better to have a refresh here as well. I think I may buy a book on OpenGL programming as well, for now I’m learning from online courses but I start to have the feeling that a much more structure approach is needed for me, we’ll see.

What about the plans for the new year? Well, the same as the the old year I guess. For the new things I plan to take seriously my boxe trainings, I got for Christmas a new pair of boxing gloves which are just perfect. Boxing looks a nice alternative way of burning calories, which I must admit I enjoy. I would also like to spent some time on history books, I got the Kershaw biography of Hitler which is going to be a much more detailed historical analysis than the Spinosa book I read so far, I plan to buy also the book of Joachim Fest about the very same topic, plus other additional books covering the period from other angles and perspectives;

Knowing our history is the only way to understand our present and to build a better future, perhaps I shall have a look on some good book about socialism which looks like is having a backfire here in Poland.

Then what? Well, I have some action plan for this 2017, but now is too early for writing about them, let’s see how it will go. What can I say more, I’m thinking about going vegetarian. This is partly because of the books I’ve been reading recently about the food industry and partly because people say that it might improve your life quality (we’re what we eat, isn’t that?) so perhaps is worth to give it a try. But this vegetarian plan needs some support from Magda, I see it hard to sustain at home without her support.

I’ve been also doing some meditation recently, I got this nice little book from Chade-Meng Tan (Dude from Google), interesting stuff I must admit, hope to see some results in the upcoming weeks, eventually will buy some more books about zen, meditation or who know what else..

Well that’s almost all for this year, let’s see what the future will bring Us!

But before closing this post, here you have some screen videos from my OpenGL graphic engine, those are very basic things made mostly for test purpose, but as usual: even the longest journey starts with a single small shy step!

Basic ambient light casting, from the small box to the big one.
Basic moving in a 3d environment, both the camera and the box are movable.

If you want to have a look at the code then checkout it from my github, mind to build from the correct branch (basic_light, basic_3d &c).

That’s all for today, I wish you the best possible new year!

Thanks for reading,


*I remember the good old time at school, when I used to have this nice HP 49G+ programmable calculator, oh, how cool it was.. (But the keyboard sucks, the comments on amazon are telling the truth!)

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