Short update.

Hi there!

I was supposed to write down a technical post, but instead I’ll just update you with what’s going on, like an overall picture of the facts of my life now! There are some changes going on which are impacting how I can manage my free time, let’s have a look then:


I didn’t remember when I posted something about my training workouts, the truth is that few months back I had a small injury while running and for that reason I had to stop running at all, I’m at the gym once in a while, I go biking or swimming, but no real training plan for now.

I still do not have bought a sport watch, still want to buy the Fenix 3 but the price is still holding me back from the shop. The worst thing is that at the moment I cannot even record my training on endomondo using the iPhone, since at the moment I do not have an iPhone anymore!

That’s suck, recently I was going to work on bike and it was a funny game the attempt to beat my record of shortest time needed to reach the office from home, without my smartphone or a sport watch is hard to keep track of the required time, well technically I can just use a common chronograph to mark the time, but that’s not as fancy as endomondo is able to do.


As  I said, I don’t have anymore an iPhone…

The phone I’m using now is a Nokia 215! Ultra cheap and ultra minimalist! I can make calls, text a message and that’s all! It have a very long battery life though, five or six days depending on how much call I made.

I’m waiting to see this new iPhone 6SS coming next week it’s going to be worth attention, I’ll eventually buy one otherwise I’ll stick with my Nokia. People keep repeating that Apple is going to release an iPhone 7, that’s bullshit! What’s Apple will release is an updated iPhone 6s, which should be have the name of iPhone 6SS.

Let’s wait to see the Apple show…


Finally I’m going on holiday, leaving next week to Rome with Magda and a couple of friends. We originally planned to go in six people but two of them resigned just a few days back because of work reason.

We’ll stay at my Mom house in Santa Severa, planning to have some relax on the beach and to spent some time in the city. Karol and Asia never been in Rome before,so we’ll have some city exploration.

Magda is very excited to be back in Rome, from my side I miss the food and the people, is going to be cool. Hope that the whether will be merciful with Us, I really need to take some sun. Here in Poland we had a disgusting summer, a lot of grey days with very few hot and sunny days.

In fact, as far as I remember we were able to spent maybe two or tree full days at the beach, all the remaining days were cloudy or plain cold. Probably the average temperature in July/August was something like 20 degree Celsius, very unfortunate year.

New job

That’s the big change, the reason why I didn’t had that much free time in the past two months. That’s the reason why I didn’t manged to organize the first meeting of the Gdansk C++ user group, I had a lot of thinks to do related with my plan to change work.

September is my last month at Intel, from the first of October I’m going to work for a new company, I’ll write a post on the reason why I’m leaving Intel sooner or later but first I want to be sure that I’m moving in the right direction (and I think I’m), and that my new work is as cool as I expect it to be!

Changing job is always an important event, you know one spend most of your time at work, at least eight hours a day in the same place with the same people. Having to change such an important environment in a way or another is going to have an impact on you, one gets accustomed to people and places and after a while your workplace starts to be a second home.

So It’s not easy, but things have to move forward..!

That’s all!

Well that’s almost all from my side, perhaps I’ll find the time this weekend to complete my post about text rendering in OpenGL, you may have a look at my github for some fresh code if you want.

Thanks for reading.


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