Short summary of our holiday.

I’m back in Poland, with a bag full of wine, cheese and a good quantity of prosciutto!

Watching out of my office window the first thought running in my mind is “How the hell can I live in a place so cold?!?”, from +20 to -2, from running under the sun in Santa Severa to walking to my grey office under a grey sky..

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do so good to be back and ready for the upcoming challenges. But for today, I don’t have a great deal of plans, what I want to do is just to write a blog post –Working on this already-, reject a job offer, go to the shop for some food and then clean a little my apartament. Ah, I plan also to have a speech with my manager about a mail I don’t really know what is all about.

My mom get married, her husband is a very cool dude which looks like is going to make her happy, that’s a very good news and I’m pretty happy to know that I don’t have to be worried anymore for her.

Waiting for all the guests.

The wedding was cool, a not big event where only the closest family and friends were invited, we had a lot of good food and good company. Since there wasn’t sufficient place in Mom’s apartament for all the guest’s we were booked a room in a pretty cool four starts hotel near ponte milvio.

The only good reason to have a TV is to watch the Simpson and the Griffin.

Magda was in Rome already many times, but she always want to go back and watch all the old ruins in the city center, so we spent some time walking in the city, afterwards I rented a scooter since all that walking was wearisome.

It was very funny, Magda at the beginning was worried about the way people in Rome drive cars and motorcycles, but she got accustomed soon and then se was enjoying the ride! Next time we’ll rent a scooter again.

After the initial struggles she was happy of the scooter idea 🙂

We’re planning to be back in Rome when the temperature will be more compatible with some sun taking activities on the beach, Mom said we can use her house in Santa Severa whenever we want, perhaps in two or three months we will fly there again.

I must admit we haven’t done any serious workout in those days, just a couple of short runs just to maintain a little of discipline, taking into account the amount of food intake we’re back –a lot– in our training schedule now, need to come back to the gym soon 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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