• DB
  • The Kdb+ database, K and Q.

    Everybody to a certain degree is familiar with basic database concepts, how they work how to make simple queries, how to install this or that database &c &c. Probably every programmer has at some point installed MySQL –or other similar DB’s-, have learned a bit of SQL and perhaps made some professional use of those knowledge. […]

  • C++17
  • C++17: Structure binding

    Even when the new C++ standard was a work in progress most major compilers have been supporting the upcoming C++17 features already, now the heavy lifting of the job has been completed and just some tweaks here and there are separating us from the “official” publication of the ISO Standard, it’s a great time to publish […]

  • blog
  • Is there anybody here?

    Hi everybody, long time has gone from my last post! I had a lot of work and extra work, big things are going on and I really had to focus on my work. Also, you might have noticed that I haven’t made big changes in my graphics engine as well, hopefully in late September (when […]

  • Algorithms
  • Throwing dice.

    Welcome back my friend! With this post I want to talk about some interesting applications of the theory of generating functions in relation to the enumeration of combinations. For this purpose let’s introduce a very simple problem: “Say we throw three regular dice, in how many ways the sum of the upper faces can be […]

  • blog
  • Writing about stuff…

    Today I decided to take a day off, no programming, no studying, no sport.. Just reading, perhaps a walk out to the city and finally a post on my blog. For many of my readers –yep, there are real people visiting my blog on a daily basis!!– this might not be the most interesting type […]

  • opengl
  • My graphics engine.

    When I started studying OpenGL back in December it was mostly for fun and with very little interest in going deeper in the realm of graphical programming. But now, I find myself spending more and more time digging into OpenGL details or in how to sculpt meshes with Blender. There are a lot of things […]

  • blog
  • Days are too short..

    Days are too short, would be nice to have some twelve hours more each day for being able to do all the things I’m attempting to do. In the past few week I spent most of my free time working on my graphics engine, is a very funny exercise in programming and I must admit is […]

  • C++17
  • C++17: Variants!

    For compatibility reason to C the C++ language include the union construct which allows to manipulate several different types in a uniform manner. The reason I’m writing that this feature exist for compatibility reasons is that is almost completely useless when you’re doing object oriented programming, the only allowed types to be used with union are POD’s, non […]